Bidvest Laundry Group

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    Montana On-Premise Laundries

    Montana Laundries specialises in on-premise laundries for, among others, the healthcare, hospitality and mining industries. A further specialised service is our change house solution which allows your change house facilities to be completely outsourced to us.

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    First Garment Rental

    First Garment Rental lead the market with our technologically advanced, stress free and hygienically clean workwear solutions. Our track records and knowledge of the market is backed by the considerable might of the Bidvest Group.

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    Montana Laundry Equipment

    Montana Laundry Equipment supplies and extensive range of industrial laundry equipment. Our products range from 7 kg to 200 kg fully automated washer extractors, driers and continuous batch washers complemented by a comprehensive range of ironing and finishing equipment.

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    Boston Launderers

    The largest commercial laundry operation in South Africa. We collect, process and deliver clean and hygienic linen to all industries.

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    Bidvest Laundry Group Mat Rental

    Stopping dirt in its tracks. Our walk-off mat range prevents dirt, moisture and grime from entering your premises and our anti fatigue mats look after the health of your stand-up employees.

Bidvest Laundry Group offers a total solution for garment, workwear and mat rental, bulk laundry, hotel guest laundry, on-premise laundries and industrial laundry equipment sales and service.